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Logos Quiz Answers

Logos Quiz Answers is a site that contains answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone game apps that carry numerous guessing names of logos from various companies. The site offers clues that help people in competing and completing the game in their phones.

The site offers gamers a chance to view more than 500 company logos and also carries hints which people use to identify logos that they may be stuck to remember. The site is also linked with social media pages such as twitter and Facebook where gamers are allowed to go online and seek clues to their queries if they still haven’t figured out the answers a chance to interact with their friends to find out how many of them can identify logos and how many logos they can recognize. When you register with the site, you shall have access to see how many hits, misses and close up questions.

You can also access your total score and get a chance to brag about the scores on social media inviting your friends to compete with you in order to determine amongst your who possess the highest ability in identifying logos.

In simple terms, the logos Quiz Answers site accords people a chance to easily solve logo puzzles on their devices without having to rack their brains too much!