Facebook Emoticons

For many, FaceBook and the emoticons go hand in hand, while others don’t really care either way. Which type are you?

Using FaceBook and wanting stuff to look the way you like may sound strange for some FaceBook users. One way for personalizing everything you touch, is by using emoticons in your messages, and not just any type of emoticons, but unique, or at least different looking ones – after all, FaceBook can’t really be personalized other than this way. After all, showing emotions is something mostly girls do, so one will easily realize the gender of the other person, by analyzing their messages.

The emoticons are also called smilies by a great number of users, or even emotes. Their purpose is to add or to show our feeling to or in our messages, as well as trying and show your face while typing. Not all the emoticons show a face, but some are designed to show animals, random objects and so on, but they can show more about what we are trying to express in the message.



A few instant messaging programs were allowing the use of the emoticons downloaded from elsewhere and then, after simply being loaded into the instant messaging program and used when needed.

However, one must already know that this possibility is also available for FaceBook. There are a few apps waiting for you to try them out, on FaceBook, and some of them do have smilies to prettify your FaceBook messages towards other people. If you need to install some software, be careful where you get it from, as most of them are executable files, which means they will only work in Microsoft Windows, and they might even be malware!

Until you start using the emoticons from various apps found on FaceBook, are you sure you already know the ones used by default by FaceBook itself? Do you even know that what you type in the message in order to have an emoticon appear, is called a shortcut? If the answer to both these questions is “yes”, then you must know that some of the faces have more than one shortcut. This may seem a little bit confusing, as there might be users who see the shortcuts a bit different than the smileys they turn into.

There are many shortcuts for the smilies, and some sites may not even use the same shortcuts. However, we all know that id we want to tell somebody to smile, we will type “ : ) ” with no spaces. If we want to tell them them we are crying, we could type either “ ; ( “ either “ : ( ( “ depending on where we type. Typing something like “ :C “ – with no spaces – will mean we are deeply disappointed in something, but this emoticon will not actually transform into another because it has been recently created.

There are a few sites showing the available emoticons on FaceBook, one of them is easyfreesmileys.com and another is fbsmileys.com, and they appear at the top of the search results. Searching for images with the same keywords will also bring some really useful, good results, so you can try that as well.This article is brought by Logo Quiz Answers and Logo Quiz.

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