Logo Quiz Respuestas

Do you think you’re good at recognising logos? Then you need to prove by taking a logos quiz. If you know your logos, or if you need to know them, or to distinguish them really fast, a quiz about them sounds like something you need to check out.

There are some logos of companies that aren’t very famous, and knowing them can be near impossible. Therefore, if these logos from small companies would appear in a quiz, or there may be a second company wanting to use an existing logo things will not be pretty, and thus a logo designer has to be able to identify the existing ones. There are some companies that produce goods that copy the logos of the well known brands, and sometimes, taking a look at the logo, will help one identify correctly the fake from the authentic.

But, what if you’re suppose to take a logo quiz and you’re not sure of the answers? Then you probably would want to cheat on the quiz, even though it is not recommended. If you can retake the quiz, you should be honest the first time around, and then check out the answers for it. And because you’re such a lucky person, there are many places where you can see the answers to the questions in the quiz.

For instance, in the image above, I’m absolutely positive I recognized 14 logos – how about you? What was that? you didn’t know that there is a Logo Quiz game implemented for the smartphones? The image above represents 2 screenshots from it – and to play it, you have to select the logo and then to type in your answer. The game can be played on the Apple devices as well as on devices running the Android operating system.

What’s even more interesting is that the answers to the questions in this game also come under the form of an application for the smartphones. The supported smartphones and platforms are the same ones on which you play the game itself, so it will be easier to check out the answers. We don’t recommend doing this because all the fun from playing a guess game will be gone, however, we will share some of the game’s features. There are 9 levels to complete, and each level has several logos to guess.

Even if there is an application for the smartphones and other platforms with replies to the Logo Quiz, this doesn’t mean you can’t see the answers on-line, for each level, as well. Don’t be surprised to notice you started to recognize logos with which you weren’t familiar with. You will for sure be able to impress your friends with your knowledge by the end of the game.

If the logo quiz comes in a printed form, as part of some job interview for a position in marketing, finding the correct the answer on an application on the handset will probably be difficult and if you’re caught, you’ll also lose any chance of getting the job.
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