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Logos Quiz Answers Level – 4

Logos Quiz Answers level 4- Welcome to Level 4.You will start needing help now.
Seek Help From Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 To Play The Logos Games

If you are a fan of Logos Quiz games app provided in iPhones and are experiencing difficulties in spotting some of the logos in the level 4 of the game, then you can very well check out logos quiz games answer websites for answers to some of the logos that you cannot identify. The logos quiz answers level 4 has all the answers for the logos that are seen in the level and with this tool, you will be able to easily finish identifying the difficult logos and move on to the next level.

First, we will discuss about part one portion of Logos Quiz Answers Level 3. If there is a red box with ’R’ and ‘B’ alphabets in white, then this is the logo of Rayban and a blue box with a capital white ‘G’ alphabet represents GAP logo. Other alphabet logos in part one of level 4 are: an red oval shape with ‘Dr’ letters written inside with white, referring to Dr Pepper; a blue oval drawing with a bold blue ‘H’ alphabet being the logo of Hilton; Lego -a blood red square box with ‘L’ inside it; a logo with alphabet ‘S’ which is the logo of Sega and an yellow square box with a black ‘N’ in it which is the logo of Nikon.

Some of the common logos that you come across in the part 2 of Logos Quiz level 4 are: Johnie Walker, Bluetooth, Fosters, Lufthansa, Puegot, Ariel, Piaggio and Movistar. If you spot the head of a lady in red with hair flying, then it is the logo of Wella and a golden hexagonal colored shape in part 2 is the logo of MG. If you find a White Mountain figure partly covering black circle, then this logo represents the popular Paramount pictures.

The popular slightly slanted 2 l’s and 2 t’s in black color that you see in part 3 of this level is the logo of Gillette and the logo of two colored footballs attached to each other represents FIFA. A golden oval ring in a white background that you see in part 3 of the 4th level is that of Haagen Dazs and an orange colored ‘O’ represents FOX. In the part 4 of Logos Quiz Answers Level 4, you might find difficulty in identifying a blue colored ‘IV’ picture which is the logo of Iveco, 2 red colored X’s one below the other which is the logo of Exxon and a green colored ‘J’ and ‘p’ figure which is the logo of Jeep. Some of the common logos that you will see in part 4 are the logos of Tissot, Renault, Kodak, yellow box of DHL, Motorola, Fiat and Discovery Channel.

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